2014 Turkish Foreign Policy Alternatives

2014 Turkish Foreign Policy Alternatives a previous article that I U.S. regressive POWER (Really?)” Spell the end of the closing sentence, he had completed; “in the United States said we mentioned schools Referring to an American clique that we see. Mentioned schools perspective and the weight of the world or looking behind the scenes of the operations in Turkey can be analyzed. In later times, particularly the future of the Middle East and Turkey, predictably I believe.

2014 Turkish Foreign Policy Alternatives “in spelling out the alternatives depending on this concept will continue. Alternative comes not belong to me! American think tank Rand permanent political adviser, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to get the old National News Council’s vice president, author, U.S. government officials. Published at the beginning of 2002, “the new Republic of Turkey-emerging regional actors” in his book about Turkey’s domestic and foreign policies in place and has made interesting observations. Fuller analysis of Ankara, at some point in the future probably choose one of the three enveloping alternative foreign policy that was envisaged.

• The main priority of the United States and geopolitical relations will give to a Washington-based foreign policy,

• primacy of EU membership based on the Euro-centric foreign policy

• Overview and independence of action that emphasizes the other powers, including a wide range of cooperation and strategic interactions that stabilize and a strong bond of Europe and the Middle East, the Ankara-based foreign policy.

Fuller, Turkey in three-point alternative policy “based on the primacy of EU foreign policy, European-centered” two alternative foreign policy of the AKP government in 11 years the transition from theory to practice in administering lived. Fuller in the book briefly has made a statement: “In Turkey, essentially direction toward Europe has turned a new strategic orientation, the following conditions most of the absent will require:

* Turkey’s European Union integration in the direction of a gradual progression to continue.

* Member of the value of obtaining an award, to be the evolution of the European Union appears to maintain an overall success.

* Anti-EU forces in Turkish politics seriously weakened. * Turkey’s European Union can meet the needs of high-level economic and military.

* The European Union and Turkey in the Middle East to play active roles gladly meet. “Fuller, EU-related policy alternative for Turkey ahead if ‘it’s Washington-Ankara between the yield and disadvantages in the following ways commented. “Although Turkish interest firmly towards Europe shift, with Washington in certain areas to establish good relations that exclude, the Turkey’s European Union with a solid relationship if within the United States relations with the rear seats contented will have to be.” Fuller’s, which underlines the important point, “the European Union to play an active role of Turkey in the Middle East is welcomed.” What are the chances? Weather is a fact that Turkey’s foreign policy has never determine domestic policy. Always Foreign Policy ‘has been shaped by the global changes. Each government’s foreign policy has been changing. Briefly, the following changes in the internal policies of the European Union that are not completed correctly, when read as a reflection of political and economic unity began to develop individual policies. Current events were followed when determining active in the politics of England, Turkey and Middle East in preparation for an infrastructure that will appear. In the next article in the EU and U.S. relations deep and utter non-compete and try to explain the effects of Turkey and the Middle East.

Reading the recommended bibliography: GRAHAM E.FULLEREmerging Regional Actors in the new Republic of Turkey”{Yükselen Bölgesel Aktör Yeni Türkiye Cumhuriyeti, TİMAŞ Yayınları, İstanbul, Ekim 2011 (9.baskı), s.281}


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