One-world-1 One World Counseling – Psychological Office to help our Turkish-American brothers and sisters Archive It is indeed a small and international world, and a world in which human problems and issues cross all national and geopolitical borders. Such is a world that a new and forming professional office called One World Counseling is determined to help. Problems such as alcohol and narcotic disease and addiction is something that all individuals and societies have to grapple with and try to resolve.  For this reason, Turkey Tribune is honored that there is an individual, Mr. Dmitri Oster – Office Manager, and his professional office One World Counseling in New York, USA that is going to work to help our growing American Turkish community who live in the area of Brooklyn to overcome such problems.

One World Counseling members speak Turkish and even Azeri and Ottoman Turkish (Uzbek) and understand the mentality of many Turkish people, especially the ones that also live in the United States. They have both male and female staff members who are available to help those who are having problems in their families or jobs because of drugs or other stress. Their professional members can speak many other languages and this is advantage for our Turkish-American family and mutual community and even international development.

Overseas and American Turkish community is proud to know and have office of One World Counseling available for our people and wish to express our encouragement of your work. is the official website of the office. Turkish translations also available on website.