Turkey and Europe: Mutually interdependent!
Turkey and Europe: Mutually interdependent!

What is the logical reason to keep Turkey amused with EU membership perspective for around 60 years!

Propaganda and image building of EU and its member countries does not work in contemporary world.

You need to be sincere with Turkey: Are you honestly supporting human rights and democratic values; or you will keep supporting terrorists and anti-democratic sentiments all around the world.

It is not secret that your welfare is based on colonialist exploitation!

There is a saying in Indian language: “Pani mei rehna hei to magarmach sei dosti karlo”! If you would like to continue living in the water, you have to make friendship with the crocodile. Turkey is the crocodile, in this context. Turkey has the potential to represent all suppressed and deceived individuals, groups, nations and countries.

Let me her quote another Indian saying: “Shishe ki gar me rehne wale, dusro ke ghar mei pattar nahi peg lia karti”. Those who live in a home made of glass, should not throw stone into others’ homes!

Europe should not throw stone into others homes.

Turkey is your friend! Open your eyes.

Was not first and second World Wars a lesson for you!

Do you want to see another Hitler in Europe! Come to your senses.

You might criticize Mr. President Erdoğan for some allegedly anti-democratic practices. However, you must read Turkish example.Who has been ruling Turkey for more than 60 years?

Do you know who is the dictator in Turkey? I wish I could tell you! I hereby kindly invite Europeans to come and search for the real Turkish Stalin. I am sure 100% that they will certainly find one. However, that will not be Mr. Erdoğan. I am sure about that.

European enlightenment, John Locke, Social Contract of John Jacque Rousseau, Tocqueville… and all other European political philosophers have paved the way towards modern democracy. Yet it is very sad to see Europeans leaving democratic values aside and prefer extremist ideas that gave Europe nothing more than destruction.

Just as Mr. Hollande expressed: We all need EU, EU needs Turkey and Turkey needs Europe!

We would like to trust Europeans and Europeans must trust Turkey, Mr. Erdoğan and Turkish common sense.

Salutation to all Europeans who support human rights, who are against all types of extremism and who are supporting democratic principles in all circumstances!