Famous Russian newspaper announced that Turkey will purchase world’s best air defence systems from Russia.

According to the news, which quoted Sergei Chemezov, the head of Rostec, state-run corporation, Turkey intends to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 on credit. The news fruther reported that the question is still being under consideration. However, it was emphasized that the contract was most likely to be signed as Russian Ministry of Finance was currently conducting negotiations with the Turkish side.

Pravda provided the following details:

“The news about Turkey’s intention to purchase anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia became known in November last year. Turkey is not the first foreign buyer of the S-400 system. In the spring of 2015, Russia sold such complexes to China. The contract with China was evaluated at $3 billion. In October 2016, an intergovernmental agreement on the delivery of S-400 air defence systems was signed with India.”

“Many Western experts believe that Russia’s S-400 is the finest state-of-the-art air defence system in the world.”

This claim is coming amid strained relationship between Turkey and the Europe. Also, Good relations between Turkey and Russia is a crucial element in multidimensional foreign policy of Turkey.