Turkey and Ukraine Friendship
Turkey and Ukraine Friendship

No visa, no passport, just take a ticket and fly! Great news for Turks and Ukrainians.

Turkey and Ukraine finally signed the agreement that allows Turkish and Ukrainian citizens to travel to each other’s countries with only an identity card.

This step both consolidates mutual friendship of nations, and it will  boost mutual tourism.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman arrived to Ankara upon Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım’s special invitation and the agreement was signed today. (March 14 2017)

In a joint press conference with his Ukrainian counterpart Turkish Prime Minister said “We have signed an agreement that will allow citizens of the two countries to be able to travel only with their identity card. This agreement can be regarded as a visa exemption”.

Turkey’s policy of developing good relations both with Ukraine and Russia is considered a successful diplomatic act. This will not only increase the number of tourists from Ukraine and Russia, at the same time, will pave the way for a future re rapprochement between Russia and Ukraine.

In addition to free travel Agreement, several other mutual agreements between the two countries were signed by Yıldırım and Groysman.

The two leaders’ opinions on further diversifying bilateral economic and commercial relations, was welcomed by Turkish and Ukrainian societies.

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Turks and Ukrainians are Friends

25 years of Turkey-Ukraine relations

Praising the free trade agreement between the two countries; Ukrainian Prime Minister Groysman said: “This visit takes place on the 25th anniversary of the beginning of Turkish-Ukrainian relations. The agreements we have made in this visit are intended to facilitate the mutual travel of our citizens. There will be mutual flights at regional airports, and the free trade agreement will increase trade”.

14 March 2017