Günter Verheugen, the Former European Commissioner for Enlargement,  was a guest on the German political talk show “Anne Will”.

Verheugen, exhibited an objective approach on Turkish-EU relations and he criticized Europe’s stance against Turkey.

Verheugen warned that the EU was also responsible for President Erdogan’s reaction.

According to Verheugen, “For 60 years, Turkey has been promised of  membership. However, this promise has not been respected for 60 years.” In addition, Turkey has been promised to accelerate accession negotiations within the framework of the refugee agreement.”

Generally, President Erdoğan was harshly critized by the participants of the show. Left-wing delegate Sevim Dağdelen, journalist Can Dündar and the German Minister of Justice Heiko Maas, were also invited to the show.

Ironically, Verheugen was defending Turkish president while Turks (Dağdelen and Dündar) were harshly criticizing him.