Regional peace top priority for Turkey
Regional peace top priority for Turkey


China is not engaging in direct antagonistic and conflictual relationship with any of its adversaries. This is primarily so because China is rising and it desperately needs stability in its regional and global relations. The engine of Chinese development is economic growth. Any problem endangering the economic growth will be hazardous for economic growth of China.

Turkey is rising too. The driving element in Turkey’s advancement is economic growth. Turkey must be in good relationship with its neighbours. No country can advance economically if it is engulfed by instability and turmoil. Peace and stability is imperative for Turkish decision makers.

This approach was actually formulated under the brand name “Zero Problem with neighbours” especially when Ahmet Davutoğlu was active in the government, as an advisor, foreign minister and prime minister.

Conflict, war, terrorism, separatism and turmoil, uprising and everything that causes instability and turmoil especially in the Caucasus and the Middle East spoils up Turkish growth and development plans. The higher the violence will be in the region, the slower growth and development in Turkey. Stability contributes to Turkey’s rise as a strong regional (and global) actor, while regional instability satisfies those who never wish to see a strong Turkey.

Peace does not mean neglecting, isolationism and entirely withdraw into its shell. Since, when we look into the region from this perspective, I believe that instability will not ease in the region. Relatively, Turkey should plan and act pre-emptively towards any potential instability in the region. As it is impossible to eliminate conflicts in the region, Turkey must make sure to turn any possible tide towards its own interests.

It will be highly speculative to claim that all sorts of regional problems have caused to stop Turkish influence in region. We can also confidently say that all sorts of unrest and instability in the region have perfectly served those who do not wish to see Turkey as a strong power.


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