Inhuman Isolation of Qatar
Inhuman Isolation of Qatar

“Isolation of Qatar is inhumane and against Islamic values”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“The passing of a bill to authorise the deployment of Turkish troops to Qatar was presented to the international community as a clear message: Doha is not alone.”

BBC World News

“Turkey president urges to resolve Qatari crisis by end of Ramada.”

Global Times – China

“Breaking ties with Qatar: A strange Arab conflict.”

Pravda – Russia

“Erdogan dubbed the Saudi-led actions as tantamount to a “death penalty” imposed on Qatar, which he said was the target of a defamation campaign.”

DW – Germany

“Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu to visit Qatar amid regional tension: Turkey has said it stood with Qatar against sanctions and urged Saudi Arabia to take the lead in finding a solution to the crisis.”

Hürriyet Daily News – Turkey

“The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken aim at Turkey and Qatar by picking on the two countries in several ways because it poses a threat to its goals in the region.

An Anlysis appeared in Daily Sabah, Turkey.

“Facing mounting diplomatic pressure and a de facto blockade imposed by several Gulf states, Qatar is now dealing with a host of problems, such as food shortages and consumer panic.”

Sputnik – Russia