Turkey in 2018 - Article by Ahmed Necip YILDIRIM published in Turkey Tribune
Turkey in 2018 - Article by Ahmed Necip YILDIRIM published in Turkey Tribune

Turkey’s growth figures received celebration from the public and helped social unease of 2017 shrink smaller in their perception.

In spite of the fact that some media organs try to develop a rhetoric that citizens of this country live in constantly growing worry and anxiety, general Turkish public are confident about their country in 2018.

The number of people who think that speculations regarding the corruption have been exaggerated. The traditional injustice between relatively small minority loyal to the regime and the rest of the public has been eliminated from the Turkish political life in the last one and a half decade.

Educated and professional Turks living abroad tend to return to their homeland. The economic and political perspective and potential in Turkey is much higher than in Trump’s America, Brexodus hit Britain and most of the countries across Europe. Turkey offers great opportunities especially for the middle-generation entrepreneurial professionals and the progressive middle-sized companies.

Turkey is one of the most important destinations for the foreign companies seeking to invest in Turkey.  Turkey offers high profitability compared to other alternatives. In today’s globalized environment, regional and international problems affect Turkey as much as it affects other countries. Turkey has been exhibiting a positive performance in terms of economic growth and political reform in the last one and a half decade. In general, peace, stability and serenity have been prevailing in this period.

Under Erdoğan leadership, relations between Turkey and the European Union (EU) has been based on a reciprocal and equal basis. One of the important criterion in enlargement process of the EU is the “digestion power” of the union. Turkey has, however, been a rather big bite to be easily swallowed and digested. Relations with Germany strained during the referendum process in Turkey, for instance, started to normalize. Relations with the EU is expected to develop on a more constructive and fruitful basis in the coming future. Turkey might not jeopardize its commercial relations with third parties by adopting EU rules and regulations in its economy if there is no progress in political and social relations. To begin with, Turkish citizens should be able to circulate freely in the EU, Turkish companies should have access to the European public procurement without any limitations.

EU countries should find better ways to consolidate democratic forces as to contain the rise of the extreme right and anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Europe should not be a safe-heaven for the terrorists and fugitives.

Turkey has started to reject being a puppet of in its international relations. In spite of several setbacks due to the internal and external conjectural tides, the country has been constantly been consolidating its place as an important regional power.

Current administration in US has been a big disappointment for the Americans, Europeans and the rest of the world. It is generally expected that Americans will find democratic ways to to send the current administration out of office.


By improving its relationships with Russia, Ukraine, India and countries in Central Asia, Africa, the Balkans and the rest of the world, Turkey has managed to establish a multidimensional foreign policy and defending its interests more forcefully as its prestige rises in the international front.

In 2018, Turkish Parliament will be busy legislating state structure to facilitate a presidential system, create new institutions and adjust its laws.

Turkey has been manufacturing vital defense systems. Economic growth in 2017 is expected to be around 7 percent. Economic growth in 2018 is expected to be a similar high percentage.

There are many things still to be achieved in terms of democratization and human rights in Turkey.