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Investment Environment in Turkey

Without any doubt, Turkey is one of the best options to invest and do business. Below, we will present very short information why is that so:

Investment Legislation in Turkey: Above all, the investment legislation in Turkey is simple and complies with international standards and it offers equal treatment for all investors. In order to attract foreign investment, Turkish governments are striving to establish the best legal framework ever possible.

General Situation of the Economy in Turkey: Turkey has everything, population (quality and quantity in individuals), land, big cities, sea, roads, nature, resources, security, democracy, banking, transparency, stability… and everything necessary for investment. Of course there are some problems in the country (like terrorism in South-Eastern part of the country), but these are sort of problems that exist nearly in every country and most importantly such problems are never obstacle on the way of investment.

International Trade Relations of Turkey: Turkey is a member of numerous international institutions (like NATO, WTO, OECD, EU and UN Organs…etc). At the same time Turkey has Bilateral Agreements for the Promotion and Protection of Investments with around 100 countries; Double Taxation Prevention Treaties with over 80 countries, Social Security Agreements with 25 Countries. Most importantly, Turkey is a member of Customs Union in EU since 1996 and the country has signed Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with 36 countries. Membership of Turkey in notable international organizations and mutual trade agreements makes Turkey reliable, transparent, interconnected with the global economy and eventually, attractive for investment and business.

Other Reasons why one should invest and do business in Turkey: Turkey is a country where you will not only do business, but at the same time you will enjoy being and visiting the country. Natural, Historical, Cultural aspects of Turkey is worth discovering. People in Turkey are friendly and hospitable. In Turkey, ethnic and religious groups are living side by side and in peace. To put it simply, in addition to material aspects, you will find an appropriate spiritual and human side that is very much suitable for doing business in Turkey.


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