Before You Start

Before You Start

Before Starting Business in Turkey

Before starting business in Turkey or executing any solid investment decisions, it is important that a detailed roadmap will be prepared.

Here are list of subjects that must take place in this roadmap:

  1. Tax System in Turkey
  2. Banks and Banking System in Turkey
  3. Employment & Social Security in Turkey
  4. Legal Framework in Turkey
  5. Transfer of Assets in Turkey
  6. Property (office, warehouse…etc) Rental in Turkey
  7. Logistics and Transportation in Turkey
  8. Employment and Wages in Turkey
  9. Possible Costs of Doing Business in Turkey

Beside the above mentioned subjects there might be other subjects specific to the field or sector of your business.

Please also take in mind that taking a working visa, a residence permit and accommodation solutions are also might be questions that you should be considered in preparatory stages.

As Turkey Tribune team, we strongly recommend foreign investors to get professional support regarding their business and investment plans in Turkey. In this framework, you can consult an expert from our solution partner Turkey for Business.

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