Starting up a Company

Establishing a Business in Turkey

All foreigners can establish company in Turkey. They can own a business or establsih partnership with Turkish citizens.

Regarding Establishing a Business in Turkey, the legal system basically provides a corporate governance approach that meets international standards; to foster private equity and public offering activities; to create transparency in managing operations; and to align the Turkish business environment especially with EU legislation.

One thing that can be confidently mentioned regarding Establishing a Business in Turkey, is that Turkey’s regulatory environment is extremely business-friendly. It is possible to establish a business in Turkey irrespective of nationality, or place of residence. The compnay establishment process in Turkey is only and only one day. In other words, it is possible to establish a company in a single day in Turkey. All you do is to apply to the relevant trade registry office with the required documents. In Turkey, there are official consultants that coordinate relationship between the government/state and the company (business owners). So the most important step is to find the most appropriate consultant (Accountant or Financial Constultant /Muhasebeci or Mali Müşavir).

Types of Companies in Turkey

  1. Joint-stock company (A.Ş.)
  2. Limited liability company (Ltd. Şti.)
  3. Commandite company
  4. Collective company
  5. Cooperative company

For more information about types of companies in Turkey and topics mentioned below, we recommend you to consult experts in our solution partner company Turkey for Business:

  • Company Establishment Procedures in Turkey
  • Documents for the Company Establishment
  • Shareholding Structure in Turkey
  • Board of Directors in Turkish Companies
  • Registered Capital System in Turkish Companies
  • Intellectual Property Rights in Turkey


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